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      • Journal h-index : 15
      • Journal CiteScore: 7.85
      • Journal Impact Factor: 2.236
      • Average acceptance to publication time (1-3 days)
      • Average article processing time (7-15 days)

      IJRDO Applied Science is one of the world's leading international journals, covering all aspects of applied sciences. Allied subject-related articles are also welcome from authors worldwide. Authors are requested to contribute their articles in areas of Biology, chemistry, physics, environment, business and economics, finance, mathematics and statistics, geology, engineering, computer science, social sciences, natural and technological sciences, linguistics, medicine, and architecture, food science, environmental science, agricultural engineering.  The goal of IJRDO Applied Science is to inform readers about significant developments in all areas related to research in applied science. Significant papers on any aspect of applied science—original clinical or laboratory research, operative procedures, comprehensive reviews, —as well as selected ideas and innovations, letters, case reports, and announcements of educational courses, meetings, and symposia are invited for publication. 

      The journal presents the latest research procedures with audit and outcome studies of new and established techniques in applied science including surface dielectric barrier discharge (SDBD), three-dimensional printing; digital technology;   CAD/CAM, and related research to the field of applied sciences.

      *Submitted articles are first evaluated by the Editor in Chief and if judged appropriate, are peer-reviewed by at least two selected experts. Reviewers may be highly qualified researchers with the highest publications or specialists with expertise in specific areas of research. Manuscripts provisionally accepted for publication may be returned to the author for corrections or clarifications, in response to suggestions by the Editorial Board or external reviewers, prior to final acceptance.

      Online submission and peer review for rapid online publication are offered through the Editorial Manager System. The system creates a PDF version of the submitted article for peer review, revision, and proofing. All correspondence, including the request for revisions and the final decision, is managed by e-mail. Authors are guided step by step through the full process and are kept up to date on the article’s progress at every stage.

      Highlighted Topics

      • Aerospace Engineering
      • Agricultural Engineering
      • Architectural Engineering
      • Biomedical Engineering
      • Civil Engineering
      • Computer Science
      • Mathematics
      • Mechanical Engineering

      Fast Editorial Execution and Review Process (FEE-Review Process):
      IJRDO Applied Science is participating in the Fast Editorial Execution and Review Process (FEE-Review Process) with an additional prepayment of $99 apart from the regular article processing fee. Fast Editorial Execution and Review Process is a special service for the article that enables it to get a faster response in the pre-review stage from the handling editor as well as a review from the reviewer. An author can get a faster response of pre-review maximum in 2 days since submission, and a review process by the reviewer maximum in 4 days, followed by revision/publication in 2 days. If the article gets notified for revision by the handling editor, then it will take another 2 days for external review by the previous reviewer or alternative reviewer.

      Acceptance of manuscripts is driven entirely by handling editorial team considerations and independent peer-review, ensuring the highest standards are maintained no matter the route to regular peer-reviewed publication or a fast editorial review process. The handling editor and the article contributor are responsible for adhering to scientific standards. The article FEE-Review process of $99 will not be refunded even if the article is rejected or withdrawn for publication.

      The corresponding author or institution/organization is responsible for making the manuscript FEE-Review Process payment. The additional FEE-Review Process payment covers the fast review processing and quick editorial decisions, and regular article publication covers the preparation in various formats for online publication, securing full-text inclusion in a number of permanent archives like HTML, XML, and PDF, and feeding to different indexing agencies.